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January 28, 2007



Roxy looks happy with owner John, but I wonder - who owns who ? ? JOHN or ROXY ! Nice photos, Besos Florence.


Hello, John,
I have read many glowing reviews on Trip Advisor, as well as the Herald article and I am very impressed with you and your ambitious accomplishments. Love your photos!
I will visit Iguazu Falls in Januay 2009, arriving from Buenos Aires on Thursday 15 January 2009 (hopefully, on an early morning flight). I would just love to stay in your Secret Garden for two nights. I am a single lady and I live in Sunland, California (a suburb of Los Angeles). I plan to fly from LAX to EZE & stay one night at the Arts Hotel in B.A.
Would you pencil me in for to stay with you from Thursday 15 January 2009 for 2 nights (fly back to B.A. on Saturday 17 January 2009). Thank you very much.
Donna I.


Hi John,

I am a female veterinarian travelling solo. I will be heading up to the Falls after a little cruise (ha) to Antarctica with a vet group. Do you happen to have a vacancy for Feb 26, 2008 (I know its kinda last minute).
Please let me know.Thanks.


Marla Fisher

Holy cow I am a professional travel writer and have been all over the globe and you by far have the most irritating website I have ever encountered. I don't even know if you can enter the website or you need some special trick but all I wanted to know is what the rooms are like and how much they cost.


Holy Cow! If Marla is a travel writer, she should learn to use punctuation and capitalization. I'm thinking that is NOT the way to get a reservation at you B&B. Just saying...

jeanne greenblatt

Hi JOhn;

I am hoping that you have room available for 3 nights from November 18 - 21. My 16 year old daughter ( who is just finishing up a semester in Argentina) and I are traveling together and will be at Iquazu Falls for 3 days and nights. Please let me know if you have a room during that time that can accomodate us. Thank you

Jeanne Greenblatt
Charlotte, Vermont USA


hola John
Tiene usted dos habitationes disponible 25 y 26 de febrero?

Hans Ole Runitz-Jorgensen

Dear John,

I´ve seen so many good comments on your place, and would like to stop by on my trip from La Paz to Buenos Aires.
It will be my wife, our son and I, travelling in our 1966 VW-bus.
Do we need to book in advance? I believe that we´ll arrive on January 20th 2009, and stay for 3 nights.
Looking forward.

Kate Hannah

Hi John,
Your place sounds great - just the kind of place we love. We're travelling from Sao Paulo to Foz de Iguazu on Sunday 1st March and we would love to stay at the secret garden for 2 nights if possible? Can you let me know if you have availability for a double room please?
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best wishes,


Hi John,
By any chance do you have a room available for 25th and 26th Feb? If so, how much would it cost?
Thanks very much,

Marsha Hansard

Dear John, Do you have a room available for 2 adults March 9 and 10? I am assuming we take the taxi to the falls and airport. Can you tell me the cost for the taxi to each of these locations? Thank you,


Hola, John ~

After reading such wonderful reviews of Secret Garden on tripadvisor, I would like to inquire about room availability. A friend and I are planning to come to Iguazu in late March/early April - with date flexibility. (No airline tickets booked yet.) We would probably like 2 separate single rooms, if you have them. But maybe a room with 2 beds, if you have that. And please, what are the rates?

Looking forward to hearing from you ~
margaret in new york city

Bill & Cassandra Ridlinghafer

Hello, My wife and I will travel to Iguazu arriving July 4 2009 and departing July 7th. Please advise if you have a double room available and the rate. Thanks, Bill

Marcie Hawthorne

Hello John,
We are hoping that you have room for 3 on April 17, 18 &19 for my husband and myself and our young adult daughter (who is studying in BA this semester and LOVES Argentina); we can squeeze into one room and hope to get some of your terrific travel advice,& will be able to visit the Brazilian side of the falls,and find some real adventuring (rafting??)/hiking.
I love your (graphic) key hole website entry!
Marcie Hawthorne

michelle and rod

Hi John
we are hoping to be in Igazu May 5 for three nights. Doyou have two rooms avaible at thta time - for my husband, myself and our 3 boys.



Hi John -

I am staying in Iguazu for 2 nights - November 22-23. Do you have 1 room available for myself and my wife? Please advise the price as well.

Thank you


Heidi Bell

Hi john,i emailed you through microsoft but not sure if i did it correctly so excuse us if we have sent this to you several times..Thanks from the trip advisor reviews we would love to stay at your B&B..My mum and i will be travelling to iguazu on the 28th Oct for 2 nights & we would like to have a room with 2 beds if this is available.We have never been to south america before so your assistance would be much appreciated.
Regards Heidi and Pam (Australia)

Mary Rose Baranda

Dear Mr. Fernandez,

We want to thank you in advance for offering us alternative accomodation. We are arriving on the 10th of October 2009 and will be staying until the 14th. We will be waiting for your recommendations then.

Many Thanks,

Mary Rose & Eli

Sandy Heggie

Hi John - I have sent through an email as well but we would like to book accommodation for my husband and myself with you for two nights 30 and 31 May 2010. I realise this is a long time away but have read good reports of your accommodation. Can you confirm that you have received my email. thank you Sandy Heggie

Niamh O'Loughlin

Hi John,
Your place looks great. Looking forward to visiting your place. Just wondering do you have 1 (double room) available from 02nd - 04th Jan 2010? Looking forward to hearing from you?

Alan Low

Hi John : Do you have room for three nights 20,21,22 Nov 09,
This repeat of my email sent this morning


Ola John
I have heard great things about your b&b and would love to stay here. I am arrving in Iguazu on Nov 3rd (2009) and will be there for 2 nights. Can you let me know your availablity and rates for a room with private bath for single occupancy?

Warm Regards

kim schpero

Hi John, we would love to stay at your BandB while we are visiting the Falls. Our dates are totally flexible during the month of November. We would like 2 nights, double bed. what are your rates and what would be the best two days to come? Thank you for your help.

amy clifton

Dear John

I have read loads of rave review for your Secret Garden b and b on Trip Advisor and would like to know if it would be possible to book a double room for myself and my boyfriend on the following dates 24, 25, 26th December 2009?

Please could you tell me if you have a double room free for this period/whether you are open for buisiness as usual? Also please could you tell me what the rates are per room/person per night in Arg pesos?

Also, do you know whether the Iguazu Falls park will be open as usual at that time and whether the buses will also be running?

Many thanks

Amy Clifton

Barbara & Peter Taylor

Hello John

How do we find out what your rates are and if you have a room available? I cannot find this information on your web site.
We would like a double room with bathroom for two nights. March 8 and 9 2010. Your reviews are great and have convinced us that we should try and stay at the Secret Garden.
Look forward to your reply.
Many thanks, Barbara Taylor

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